Welcome (back) to skyEd

Image: Perth city - 28mm 8" f5 ISO100 20160924

So this is the new look blog...

My previous WordPress had waay too many plugins, fell over during a 'select all and update' session and couldn't get back up! After some research around what is new and popular in the blog/cms arena I've decided on an update to Ghost, hope you like it. Ghost moves away from PHP, it's built on the newer Node.JS.

After deleting the previous site from Amazon I started looking (again) at my options for CMS tools. My first choice was to use the New Google Sites as it looks like a modern take on website creation (and would have saved me the afternoon mucking around with setting up an EC2 instance). Unfortunately, it's in a closed beta right now.

So far so good with Ghost, it's a clean responsive interface but takes a little knowledge in Linux command line and config file editing to set url and mail etc. There is a hosted version which is reasonably cheap here if you want to avoid losing an hour or so to server configuration.

I am enjoying the simplicity of the editor and the markdown options. I guess I will have no excuses now writing content with Ghost - I must admit that a majority of time spent with WP was spent playing with the amazing range of plugins available.