Hong Kong 2018

Sunday 25th

Flight QF29 to Hong Kong was 9hrs and pretty uneventful. Landed in Hong Kong and decided to get a taxi from Airport. It was a Toyota Crown doing 130km/h, was just holding together and smelled like someone had been smoking cigars dipped in sump oil.

Hong Kong Red Cab

Checked-in to the Imperial Hotel, and had dinner at the iSquare mall in Kings Dumpling restaurant. Visited an HMV record store everything was pretty much the same price wise, bit more of a range in electronics gear.

View from iSquare

Monday 26th

Got up at 5am and took some sunrise shots, reflections across the bay of the Central city skyline.

Central HK from from Kowloon

Tried walking along Avenue of Stars, the only star we saw was Starbucks as the walk was closed. Seems HK Starbucks hasn't adopted almond milk yet, but you do get a 30min WiFi code on your receipt.

Alyssa at Kowloon Park

Went to Kowloon park in the morning, this big nature reserve is where the locals go to chill and do Tai Chi. Then we got a train to Tung Chung, the last stop on Lantau island. From there we got the cable car to Ngong Ping for lunch, then walked up to the Tian Tan Bhudda Temple.

Tian Tan Bhudda

Tuesday 27th

Bigbus tours took us in an double decker open air ride around Hongkong. Was a bit dubious about a bus tour, but this was a great way to see Hong Kong. The day pass included lots of extras like ferry rides, and also let us cut a couple of queues. They had staff everywhere too so there was always someone to ask directions or which bus etc.

The bus tours covered Hong Kong's mainland and island, and a trip up to Peak 360 via the steepest tram i have ever been on. Peak 360 has a a great view of the city, and includes some restaurants and a Madam Tussauds. Trying to take a photo was nearly impossible as the balcony was swarmed with hundreds of people all vying to get the best spot for a selfie. Afterwards we are at Bubba Gumps, a Forest Gump themed restaurant with great shrimp options.

Stanley, on the south side of Hong Kong island was a great place to visit. Very relaxed atmosphere and clearly a weekend hangout for well to do Hong Kongians.

Wednesday 28th

Headed over to Macau today via Cotai Water Jet. Really enjoyed the mix of culture from Portugese, Chinese and English.

Macau street

Was treated to the most amazing sunset from the top of a fort overlooking some Portugese ruins.

Thursday 29th

Ok so today was unstructured/chill/laundry day, but that didn't stop me exploring Mong Kok this morning. Awesome markets and got to visit the famous Wing Shing Photo Supplies and Sim City - floor after floor of little camera/lens and electronics shops.

Mong Kok

Friday 30th

Check out the Shenzhen blog!

Saturday 31st

After our 24hrs in Shenzhen we returned via the short 1hr trainride to HK to sample a different area of Tsim Sha Shui East in the The Royal Garden Hotel. Great place to stay and we found the best street food place of our visit.

Best street food in Hong Kong